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Safari's main idea is always linked to adventure, challenge and success. The travellers, tourism lovers, and who are fascinated with overland, marine, and air sports have faced extraordinary stories and tales. Exceptional stories have been lived by those people and this is the suitable time and place to tell us their stories through the participation in Safari activities which keen on achieving their goals and desires in addition to gathering those people with the Saudi youth (male and female) in a dynamic and interactive atmosphere that brings good and success to the entire country.

 Safari, the first international event of its kind in the Kingdom, announces that everything has been settled and ready to launch the third edition of the exhibition in Riyadh international convention and exhibition center on Nov 21-23, 2017. It aims to provide all equipment, tools, devices and supplies of overland, air, and marine sports & trips.
Variety of choices and advantages for whole family members! The exhibition offers the visitors a unique collection of interactive, recreational and cultural aspects in addition to the close contact with companies interested in wildlife, interacting with fishing and desert sports enthusiasts. Visitors will also have the opportunity to know more about the latest updates in the fields of overland, air and marine tourism in addition to camping, horsemanship, fishing, outdoor sports, safari, heritage collections, the latest overland navigation equipment and the participation of Harley tank enthusiasts.

High public attendance

Safari Tech has succeeded in its first and second edition to attract thousands of visitors, media members, economists, hobbyist, and intellectuals. After this huge success, the number of visitors and participants is expected to be increased in the third edition 2017.

National and international participation:

The last edition of Safari exhibition has included more than 30 participants came from national and international destinations in addition to participation of companies and entrepreneurs in the fields of outdoor activities such as camping, horsemanship, hunting, outdoor sports, safari trips, heritage collections, and the latest navigation devices.


The third edition of SAFARI will be held in 21-23 Nov, 2017 at Riyadh International Conventions and Exhibition Center and will include a lot of equipment and tools related to the overland, marine, and air trips such as:

⦁Overland and camping equipment.
⦁Motorcycles and beach buggy.
⦁Navigation companies and wireless devices.
⦁Diving equipment and marine vehicles.
⦁Travel and Tourism tools.
⦁Heritage collections.
⦁Fishing tools.
⦁Falcons and mummified animals.
In addition to the creative activities for all members of the families which will be highlighted on the sidelines of the exhibition.

Participating and target sectors

The diversity in SAFARI

The third edition of Safari will contain new sections and fields to fulfill all needs of visitors and guests who are fascinated with overland, air, and marine sports & trips in addition to focusing on the heritage and tradition through holding discussions on the sidelines of the exhibition to entertain the participants and to keep the tradition values in their soul

The targeted participants:

⦁Who are working and interesting in SUVs, bicycles, beach buggy and caravans.
⦁Fishing and overland trips equipment.
⦁Camping and overland trips equipment's factories and stores.
⦁Overland and sea tours' operators and organizers.
⦁Tourism operators and organizers.
⦁Navigation and wireless companies.

Exhibition Goals

⦁Discovering the adventure places in KSA.
⦁Focusing on the geography of KSA and attracting tourists.
⦁Introducing the best places of overland and marine trips.
⦁Encouraging the youth to make exceptional trips and learn different cultures.
⦁Highlighting the latest equipment and technologies of fishing, horsemanship and marine sports.
⦁Enrichment of the internal tourism.
⦁Contacting the companies working in those fields closely.
⦁Exchange of the participants' experiences, signing deals and making plans.
⦁Enjoying a lot of traditional, live activities, etc.

Exhibition Advantages:

Interactive platform for entrepreneurs

The exhibition is considered as an interactive platform for the exhibitors, specialists and participants to sign deals, hold their meetings, making plans to expand their business at the national and international levels, communicating the companies working in this fields directly, and gathering the people fascinated with fishing, overland trips and marine sports under one roof.

Extended space to focus on the desert tours

The participant tourism and travel companies with interest in developing the internal tourism and highlighting the investment in the desert tourism.

Find the latest equipment and technology:

The visitors can find the latest equipment of overland and marine tourism, camping, horsemanship, hunting, fishing, safari, traditional collections, navigations, parachutes and hiking.

Diverse participation:

The exhibition includes selections of international and national participants which are working in overland trips and hunting in addition to wireless and navigation companies, camping factories, CUVs companies, hotels management and hospitals (therapeutic tourism).

International participation:

SAFARI promotional campaign seeks to enhance the featured international interactive of the international companies and the exhibitors who came from Tanzania, South Africa, Comoros, etc.

Various activities for all family members:

Safari activities attract visitors with different ages and backgrounds from entire the kingdom and Gulf Countries to participate in various and amazing activities related to overland trips, CUV, beach buggy, car modifications, etc.

Accompanying activities

The Activities

The exhibition will allocate part of the activities for the visitor to talk about their experiences and amazing moments they have lived in addition to taking memorial photos.

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